System Improvement Plan CPS Strategy Workgroups

The System Improvement Plan (SIP) CPS strategy workgroups ensure accountability for the SIP strategies utilized to improve outcomes for children and families.  The strategy workgroups meet regularly and are comprised of diverse teams with representatives from Sacramento County CPS, partners from other Sacramento County Departments, and community partners. 


CPS Strategy Workgroups:

Implementation of Child and Family Team Meetings (aimed at Prevention, Reunification, and Aftercare)

Strategy 1 focuses on improving Recurrence of Maltreatment and Re-entry to Foster Care




Intensive Family Finding

 Strategy 2 focuses on improving Permanency in 12 Months for Children in Care 24 Months or more



Increase Support for Resource Families

Strategy 3 focuses on improving Placement Stability



Convene and utilize a workgroup to better understand the demographics, and address the factors contributing to trends of maltreatment in foster care

Strategy 4 focuses on improving Maltreatment in Foster Care