Contractor Bidding Opportunities

​​​​​​​  ​​​​There are several ways one can work with the county.  On this page you will find links to the latest Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Application (RFA), and Letter of Interest (LOI) documentation.  Prospective bidders are encouraged to read through the available documents and bid on the one that sounds like the best fit.

  1. Request for Proposal (RFP)
    These are documents that describe a service the County needs, and invite prospective bidders to submit their proposals. 
  2. Request for Application (RFA)
    These are documents that describe a research topic, and invite prospective bidders to submit their grant applications.
  3. Letter of Intent (LOI)
    These are documents that outline an agreement between the County and a prospective bidder before the agreement is final.
  4. Letter of Interest
    These are documents that state you are interested in the opening being advertised and explain how you meet the minimum qualifications.

​​​1. ​Request for Application (RFA) No. CPS/056 - For Licensed Therapists To Provide Short-Term Counseling Services. ​​

2. Open Enrollment - CPS Foster Agency Minimum Qualifications for Home B​ased Shelter Care - REVISED 02/01/21.

3. ​​CPS Open Enrollment (#CPS/050) - Psychological/Psychiatric Testing and Evaluations and Bonding Assessments Minimum Qualifications (MQ's)